Get into the habit

Two good habits to get the most out of your Stocktake Plus app are:

  1. Routine Backup & Sync
  2. Regular updating of the Stocktake Plus app

Get into a regular habit of backing up your data

BackupTo do this go to More > Secure Backup within the Stocktake Plus app. You will need to be connected via mobile coverage or WiFi to do this.

This function backs-up your data to the secure Stocktake Plus server, and is available to you by logging into the dashboard section of the Stocktake Plus webpage. Backing up data also means if you log into your account on another device your properties and monitoring data will be available. Furthermore, due to size limits within your device, the app will only show the latest monitoring information; the rest is backed up on Dashboard.

To ensure you don’t lose your valuable data, we recommend you backup every time you use the app.

Update your app when updates are available

updateappiphoneWithin the coming weeks and months we will be releasing updates for both the Apple and Android Apps.  Please update your Stocktake Plus app as we update.

Updating your app is a great habit to get in to, as it means you are using the latest data and version of the application.

We will update the various information and tools that sit behind Stocktake Plus, from time to time, including the pasture growth modelling and land types.  We may also improve functionality in response to user feedback.  Updates will generally not affect your existing monitoring data.

Go to your app store regularly and click on ‘Updates’.

How-to tutorials are now available…

Need some help navigating the Stocktake Plus app?

A suite of helpful video ‘how-to…’ tutorials are now available on the Support page that will walk you through the various functions of the app from registration, to setting up your property, monitoring land condition, forage budgeting, back-up and sync and more…

Grazing decision support tool goes mobile.

App a first for FutureBeef and north Australia graziers

Forget the pen and paper, GPS, camera and land type sheets – a smartphone and a new free Stocktake Plus app are all a grazier needs to determine stocking rates and carrying capacity in any paddock.

The Stocktake Plus app was developed after extensive industry consultation by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) with funding from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). It is designed to be a practical, work-anywhere (including outside telephone range), decision support tool.

Promoted through the FutureBeef Program for Northern Australiawith program partners DAFF, Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia and MLA, the app is now available for use by all northern Australia beef producers.

MLA’s NRM Project Manager Cameron Allan explained that 25% of producers are now on mobile devices and that is rapidly growing.

“With the exponential growth in uptake of mobile technology, we realise there is an opportunity to put practical tools into the pockets of producers so they have ready access to critical information when and where they need it, Mr Allan said.

“The Stocktake Plus app puts a property’s pasture records at your fingertips. The app gives you the ability to make informed on-the-spot decisions about stocking rates and paddock management – these critical to ensure longer term condition and productivity of the grazing business.”

DAFF extension officer Jane Pryor led the development of the app, in conjunction with collaborator and beef industry consultant, Steve Banney.

“For a grazier standing in his or her paddock, the app uses GPS technology to assess and report the land type,” Ms Pryor said.

“Then, through a guided process, a grazier can use the app to monitor their soil, pasture (quality and quantity) and woodlands to come up with a recommended long-term carrying capacity and a seasonal, or shorter-term, forage budget – or both.

“The app has a number of functions that can be used independently or together, such as tools to undertake a forage budget, monitor land condition, track stock numbers, and keep rainfall records.”

Ms Pryor said the design of the app took into account feedback from graziers on what functionalities it should include.

“The Stocktake Plus app has the ability to store enterprise-specific information across sites and years, email reports and is securely backed up on the Stocktake Plus server,” she said.

“This is a secure environment that is not accessible to anyone but the user, but if a smartphone is lost or broken, the information is not lost.”

A Stocktake Plus website supporting the app will serve as the platform for users to register an account, back-up their information and feature ‘how-to’ videos and factsheets so they get the most out of the app.