How is Stocktake Plus different from Stocktake?

If you were a previous Stocktake user, we highly recommend you to upgrade to the Stocktake Plus app for your land condition monitoring and forage budgeting. Stocktake Plus has a number of new functions and is much more user-friendly. It also incorporates the latest Research and Development (R&D) embedded in Stocktake Plus, including updated pasture growth models (that help calculate more accurate mlong-term carrying capacities).

There have been significant changes between Stocktake and Stocktake Plus.

Stocktake Plus features new functionality (including the rainfall records and reports), help sections, and inbuilt support tools, such as land type sheets, pasture growth tables, ground cover photo standards, and accessible yield templates. Stocktake Plus aims to make the processes of land condition monitoring and forage budgeting easier and more immediate, so you can get useful information while out in the paddock.  Everything that you need to do your monitoring in the paddock is now contained within your device, so you no longer need to remember, or juggle, multiple pieces of equipment such as pasture photo standards, your GPS, or camera to complete your assessment!

Through the process of rebuilding the Stocktake decision support tool, a number of areas have been  improved. Underlying formulae and land types and pasture growth models have been adjusted. You will notice differences if comparing reports or forage budget results between Stocktake and Stocktake Plus.