What is the pasture growth model behind Stocktake Plus?

Sitting behind Stocktake Plus is output from the pasture growth model, GRASP, for a large number of the land types and climate locations across northern Australia. The current and potential pasture growth figures, along with the current and potential carrying capacities within the Stocktake Plus reports, use the information from these pasture growth models, combined with the information you have entered on land condition, tree cover and density (Tree Basal Area) and paddock/site characteristics.

GRASP is a soil-water pasture growth model developed for northern Australia and rangeland pastures. Over the last 10 years simulation models of pasture growth have been developed for land types in Queensland, Northern Territory and northern parts of Western Australia using results from field and grazing trials.

GRASP uses daily climate data (rainfall, temperature, evaporation, radiation and vapour pressure) to simulate grass production and predict soil water, pasture growth and animal intake for different land types with different tree covers and under different climatic conditions. More information on GRASP can be found on the Long Paddock website: www.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/grasp/.

Pasture growth models have not been completed for all locations and all land types. However, pasture growth models are regularly reviewed and updated as more information becomes available. The pasture growth model output within Stocktake Plus will be added to over time, and updates will be issued. You will be automatically notified of new updates as they become available.

Always select your nearest town/climate location and the most representative land type for your monitoring site. Selecting  ‘unknown’ land type means pasture growth and long-term carrying capacities cannot be reported, however all other user monitoring information will be available in your reports.