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Frequently Asked Questions

Stocktake Plus for Android: Hardware review and recommendations

  1.        What devices has Stocktake Plus been tested on?

Stocktake Plus for Android has been tested it on a wide variety of devices through QA service and in-house mobile test suites. As a guide, the app has been run on devices ranging from low-end (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and Acer Liquid Metal) to high end (e.g. the Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 5). The app has been shown to run well on both tablet and phone devices.

   2.        What are the bare minimum specifications for a device that could run this app with full functionality?

  •  Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • A back-facing camera.
  • WiFi or Cellular internet connectivity.
  • A 3.0 inch touch screen.
  • A 800mhz processor.
  • 256Mb of RAM.
  • 1Gb of general storage (either SD card or internal).

These are the bare minimum specifications to get the app running at an acceptable speed and with full functionality to the user. Most of these specifications would be greatly exceeded by almost any Android device sold within a first-world country since 2010 and the vast majority of devices sold within other areas of the world since 2012. To this extent, there are very few devices with significant market share that would be deemed incompatible with the app at this time.

As would be expected, any specifications that exceed these minimums will result in faster performance of the app and, although the resources may not be used all of the time, you can typically expect a spike when the user is performing certain actions such as pressing a button or taking a picture. The two most obvious factors to the user are CPU speed and network speed, with the CPU being general purpose and the network speed determining sync speed.

 3.        What specification of device would provide the best performance?

  •  Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above.
  • A high-resolution back-facing camera.
  • WiFi connectivity to a fast nearby hotspot.
  • A 4.0+ inch touch screen.
  • A 1.0Ghz or faster processor.
  • 512Mb of RAM or greater.
  • 2Gb of general storage (internal) or greater.

Some examples of devices that meet these specifications could include;

  •  Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5
  • Amazon Fire
  • Nexus S, 4, 5 and 7
  • Oppo Find 7
  • HTC One
  • LG Volt
  • Kyocera Hydro Vibe

We recommend that prospective users are recommended to purchase Samsung devices, because the ubiquity of this particular brand of mobile handset makes it easier to support and troubleshoot.

 4.        Are there any devices that should be avoided?

We have found no devices that should be avoided for running this app. For every device that we have tried (both automated and manual testing), the app has functioned perfectly and it has been shown to be extremely resilient. This is likely a result of Android’s very good backward-compatibility coupled with the excellent standard of code within the app. We are confident in this app’s ability to perform all tasks required of it.


  5.        Can Stocktake Plus run on the upcoming Android “L” version?

As you may have heard, Android version “L” is scheduled to be released very soon. In the testing process, we have been able to test Stocktake Plus on a Developer Preview release of this new system and none of the functionality that Stocktake Plus uses has been changed. This means that Stocktake Plus will remain compatible with “L” as we transition into the new update over the coming months.