Adult Equivalents (AEs)

A system that allows livestock of different gender, ages, weight, lactation status and metabolic state to be compared equally according to their relative forage intakes.

Amount Eaten

The amount of pasture consumed by the number of animals stocked during the budgeted period.

Animal Class

The type of animal that is consuming the pasture.


Dry matter.


The percentage of the pasture that will detach during the season you’re budgeting (causes include trampling, wind, frost, insect activity).

DMI increase with supplement

The percentage increase in dry matter intake that occurs with protein supplementation.

Dry Matter Intake Percent (DMI%)

The percentage of pasture by AE liveweight that is being consumed per day.

Estimated Pasture Growth

The amount of pasture estimated to grow during the period you’re budgeting for.

Grazing Days

The number of days between the start date and target date (inclusive) when calculating a forage budget.

Ground Cover

The percentage of the ground with organic cover. Organic cover is regarded as anything that will intercept the fall of a raindrop and stop it from directly impacting bare soil. Examples of organic cover include plants, litter on the ground, manure, and sticks.

Pasture Condition

The capacity of the pasture to capture solar energy and convert it into palatable green leaf, to use rainfall efficiently, to conserve soil condition and to cycle nutrients.

Residual Yield

The standing pasture yield (green and dead) that you aim to have at end of your budget period.

Total useful pasture

Calculated as,  (start pasture yield) – (unpalatable) – (detachment) – (residual yield) + (estimated pasture growth), expressed at kg DM/ha.